Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Gordon Brown

The petition on the Downing Street Website asking Gordon Brown to resign has now reached over 30,000 and is the most visited petition ever on this website. No doubt his response will be to either gurn or throw a Nokia.

The bully boy and his henchmen have been exposed. It is unlikely that any other politician will ever be able to threaten a political party so severely that they can bully their way to power.

Today many of his own have at long last voted against him. The case for the Gurkhas has exposed the New Labour Project for what it is. The Marxist plot to destroy our country has at long last been outed. We have been flooded by any person who wants to arrive here and claim benefits (like Doctor Hook) but when legitimate asylum seekers like the white Zimbabweans or the Gurkhas then problems occur.

This is of course how the New Labour Project works and now we can all recognise it. Even at Prime Minister's Question Time it reared it's ugly head. If you have no cultural, ethnical or religious affinity with this country then you are welcome. The cost of bringing up your children will never be questioned because we owe you an opportunity to change our country. It will not matter who you are or where you came from because from now on you will vote New Labour.

However, if you have always supported the British people, if you have a cultural affinity with the British people, if you have lost your farm/job/career then whoops awfully sorry old boy but you are toast! You are not the type of person we want in this country because that is not what the New Labour Project is all about.

Wake up and smell the coffee folks. The BNP are not under physical attack for nothing. They are the only party trying to oppose the New Labour Project and the people who support the New Labour Project (Marxist thugs) know it. In the forthcoming European Elections to be held on 04 June do not waste your vote on the Greens, UKIP or the Lib Dems or any Independent. If you really want change then vote for the only party who seriously want to make a difference- VOTE BNP!

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