Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Gordon Brown

He really has to go. The debate around the blogs which includes some of the Labour supporting blogs focusses on Gordon Brown who has proven himself way out of his depth. They just cannot agree on how he should go. The problem is that if Gordon goes then inevitably the Tories will force a general election.

Most people agree that it doesn't matter when the election is held because NoLab will be hammered. I personally believe that they have underestimated the NoLab political machine. So many people depend on the NoLab government for their jobs. Even in the relatively ignored local elections the Labour support has been holding up. It is actually unbelievable that so many people can disregard the performance of this hapless government and still vote for them but... if your job/benefits depend on them then is it any wonder?

In addition the Muslim community appear to have aligned themselves to the New Labour Project so don't presume that New Labour is dead. I believe that NoLab have plans to corrupt a General Election. The postal vote scam should be monitored very closely indeed. This has caused real concern in Scotland where questions have been asked about the validity of the Glenrothes By-Election.

Gordon Brown has no shame. He is without doubt the worst PM ever imposed on Britain.
He was never elected. He was returned unopposed, on the resignation of Tony Blair, because he had a team around him (McBride etc) who frightened off all the cowards.

Gordon Brown has been described as being 'psychologically flawed' and frankly that is being mild. He has demeaned the office of Prime Minister. He has surrounded himself with blaggards and he has wrecked the Labour party. If we have any members of the Labour party left who have the principles that my father had then they should demand his resignation. Come on you cowards get rid of this imposter!!

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