Friday, 10 April 2009


I see today that 'Mugabe' Brown has responded to the problem of the Pakistani terrorists who have invaded our country on student visas and then plotted to blow up parts of Manchester by...blaming Pakistan! Is that not just typical? It is of course nothing to do with him. He is not responsible, the abject Home Secretary is not responsible and Phil Woolass, the Immigration Minister, is also not responsible. No it is all the fault of Pakistan.

Now don't get me wrong; if I was to construct a league table comprising of people who I love to hate then Pakistan would probably lie in the bottom one but... to blame these hapless people for our porous borders is going some, even for Gordon the Moron. His Marxist allies who have done almost everything to bring this country to its knees should really front up and confess that they have subverted the Home Office to such an extent that they have no control over our borders.

We are probably the only country in the civilized world who welcomes anyone and everyone because our government cannot be bothered to safeguard our citizens. One day it is inevitable that our anti terrorist force, who are obviously doing a great job will miss something.

Can you believe it? For a political ideal they are prepared to sacrifice anyone! There is nothing to prevent an effective border control. They could introduce it tomorrow if they had a mind. Only the BNP would introduce it because only the BNP want to place ethnic British citizens first. Are they wrong?

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