Saturday, 11 April 2009

What a Night!

I don't think that I have ever seen anything like this. The Blogosphere is electric because I believe that they have at long last found a path to exposing 'Mugabe' Brown. At the centre of the scandal 'Smeargate' are the principle blogs Guido Fawkes and Iain Dale who are stoking up the exposure of the Downing Street spin machine.

In the middle is the hapless Mr Kate Garroway (Derek Draper) who frankly is a really nasty bit of stuff. He has been exposed for his ridiculous attempt to drag marxists into the twenty first century by hosting a blog which was only meant to promote NoLab lies. He has form. Guido went to Berkeley in California to expose that'Dolly'
(as he is known in the political circles) had claimed qualifications from the renowned Berkeley University when he had only attended some back street college and even then he had been kicked out.

Despite this he has been embraced by NoLab as someone fit to promote the message. It just illustrates how this Marxist crowd of losers know nothing of modern technology. They hope to control everything. They are controlling everything apart from the Bloggers and the BNP. Heh that is enough...enough to ensure that democracy is only being maintained by the Bloggers and the BNP.

They will not win so three cheers to people like Guido Fawkes who continually challenges the spin machine which has served 'Mugabe' Brown and his predecessor Tony Blair so well. These people will eventually be exposed as venal but at what cost to the country?

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