Saturday, 4 April 2009

G20 and Gordon Brown

On 02 April I blogged that I was surprised that the G20 meeting had come up with some positive outcomes. I was amazed because the press had been full of disagreement between Gordon and the French and Germans. Angela Merkel the German leader had openly criticied Gordon's fiscal stimulus policy without regulation of the banking industry as 'burning public money'.

It now appears that if we scan the blogs and some of the more serious political commentators that much of what Gordon claimed had been achieved by the G20 was smoke and mirrors. He has once again spun the outcome to be much greater than the actuality. Is that not just pure Gordon Brown? The champion girner who spent the entire time almost slavering at the feet of Barack Obama spins everything he does. He must be seriously deluded and has come to be scared by the truth. Perhaps he is doing us a favour because we would probably be scared if we knew the truth.

The problem is that one day the truth always emerges. In this case it may be too late to save our grandchildren from a very miserable life.

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