Thursday, 23 April 2009

Social Services

This is probably not a unique post because I imagine so many people are incensed by the story. When a lady took her mother out of a care home because she was not happy the Social Services and the police combined together to kidnap the old lady and place her back into the care home.

Under NoLab the secret Social Services and the secret police that have been developed in the past few years are synonymous with the system practiced behind the Iron Curtain in places like East Germany.

They have absolute power over the citizen and it has been proven in this instance where a well meaning daughter gave her unhappy mother a home and then discovered that the state took precedence. This is absolutely unacceptable and all concerned should be investigated and disciplined. There is something really nasty about this case and we must get to the bottom of it. The Social Services are obviously not only incompetent but out of control.

Another instance of the Ed Balls driven service failing in it's duty.

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