Saturday, 4 April 2009

VMB's Election Poll

There were only four by-elections last week and in three of them the Lib Dems beat NoLab. The NoLab vote contunes to hold up in their traditional heartlands (the cities)which helps them to maintain a challenge to the Tories. In the rural areas however they are polling poorly.

As I said yesterday the BNP had a great result in Leeds and continue to pick up votes almost everywhere that they field a candidate. If these results hold up in the European elections then they could establish more than a toehold. What is being established is that the Greens and UKIP are not powerful enough to feature and generally a vote for them is wasted. Independents rarely make a significant impact and sometimes cut their own throats by opposing each other.

These are the current standings

Tories 25.7%
NoLab 24.6% (down 1% in one week)
LibDems 19.9% (up over 1%)
BNP 17.31%
Independents 6.8%
Greens 5.4%
UKIP 2.5%

If the people who do not vote for the Westminster three got their acts together then a fourth party could emerge. Most of these people do not want to join the corrupt, unaudited EU, most want some limit on immigration, most want a justice system that cracks down on the criminal and protects the law abiding. Most are family people who care about their children and are concerned about the future of this country. They just have to decide how best to show their disgust with Westminster politics.

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