Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Legal Proceedings

According to Guido, Tom Watson MP who is another member of the Downing Street bunker is so incensed that he is being linked with the Damien McBride scandal that he has called in a famous law team to write to the Mail and the Mail on Sunday about their allegations that he was complicit in the McBride/Draper fiasco.

Now I am only guessing here but I believe that the Daily Mail have been trying to get the NoLab leadership into court for some time. If Tom Watson is so precious then perhaps he has committed the one error that the Mail have been seeking.

If they ignore the solicitor's letter then does Watson sue? If he does then he had better ensure that there are no dodgy E-Mails around and if there are then I bet Guido knows about them. If he doesn't then isn't he guilty at any rate?

You couldn't make it up and at the head of all this is good old 'Mugabe' Brown the man who changed our country and wrecked the economy. By the way is anyone actually governing this country?


Anonymous said...

It's been a fascinating story.

Are we going to be rid of the bully boys? Is it possible that at last we could have true freedom of the press?

A glimmer of hope perhaps.


bryboy said...

Christine, how nice to hear from you. You are right the bloggers are making an impact. We are almost a secret army of malcontents but yes...it is a glimmer of hope. Alice Miles of the Times is the first of the political journalist to admit that they have been complicit in the bullying of anyone who opposed 'Mugabe' Brown.