Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Frank Field MP

I have just seen Frank Field on Sky television state that in his opinion Gordon Brown has to change his ways. He spoke at length that there had to be a change of direction in the Labour Party and that the culture of the Brown regime had to change. He believes that the PM needs a dramatic announcement to escape from the problems that Damien McBride has left him with.

What impressed me most was that he sounded like a politician. He didn't sound miffed, spiteful or malevolent and every word he uttered was measured and constructive. This was not someone ranting or raving but his suggestions were clear and constant. In his opinion Gordon Brown had to admit someone into the Downing Street bunker who was not known as a devotee of the PM. He suggested Charles Clarke.

I have been waiting a long time for someone in the Labour party to dare to raise their head above the parapet and indicate that they have a sympathy with the views of the wider electorate. When I see the wimps in the Cabinet the demise in the Labour party is obviously more serious because people like Frank Field are not part of their lead team.

This is the problem! Gordon demands absolute loyalty. He does not brook any opposition and will therefore never hear an alternative view. He will also attract people who for their own ends will bow and scrape but contribute nothing to the government of the country. His mediocre cabinet mirrors the flaws in the PM's character.

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