Friday, 1 May 2009

VMB's Election Poll

There was only one local by-election yesterday at East Ecclesfield in Sheffield. Since I began this survey on how the public were actually voting instead of how the pollsters believe they are voting there have been 76 By-Elections in all parts of the country. That is quite a wide variety of constituency.

A clear pattern is beginning to emerge and it is nothing like the pundits are calling it. Listening to the TV predictions and reading the main stream media they have David Cameron miles ahead and almost a certainty for a large majority at the next election. They also reckon that the NoLab vote will collapse thanks to the bumblings of Gordon Brown.

Well it isn't happening folks! Yesterday in Sheffield the Lib Dems won easily and the Tory vote collapsed. The Tories were comfortably beaten not only by the Lib Dems and NoLab but also by the BNP.

The NoLab vote is holding up in the inner cities so much so that they and the Tories are neck and neck. Not far behind are the Lib Dems who seem to be making up ground and the BNP are holding on to their national average per cent of the vote. If they can poll the 16% which they are holding onto they will have a sizeable representation in Europe which of course brings with it much needed funding. Here are the figures:-

Tories 24.53%
NoLab 24.47%
Lib Dems 20.25%
BNP 16.76%
Independents 6.8%
Greens 5.28%
UKIP 2.31%

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