Monday, 6 April 2009

Political Sleaze

Where is this all going? What can we do? We now know that even the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer have been fiddling their expenses despite the quite clear fact that one cannot change a primary home overnight. The very moment that they were granted grace and favour homes run at the public expense then they changed the location of their primary homes.

This is fraud! Our PM is not an honourable man, in fact none of them are honourable because those who change their designated homes are only doing it to claim money that they do not deserve. If the PM is doing it then hell what next? No wonder that they all believe that this type of behaviour is acceptable. They are led from the front and the worst excesses are those on the front benches.

If our politicians are corrupt, if our bankers are corrupt, if our police are corrupt then where do we go next? Who can we trust? I guess that our society is lost and that nobody is powerful enough to correct it. I may as well pack up this Blog and do the gardening. Then what happens to my beloved grandchildren?

We have a government who we know is frankly so, so, out of control that they are laughing at the electorate. By the time that the bastards are forced to hold an election then we will be bankrupt as a nation. They know it and we know it but nobody does anything. The problem is that so many people rely on this bunch to provide them with a living. They have corrupted the public for heaven's sake!

So many people depend on corruption to maintain their standard of living that the country is in dire straits. How can people vote against NoLab when it will end their scrumptious pay check. We now have thousands of people who have their snouts in the public trough that they cannot deny it. We have all been corrupted by the state, be it the British State or the European State.

This is fine unless you have a full order book, the workers depend upon your full order book and the corrupt banks who have been bailed out by the corrupt politicians won't give you the money to buy the raw materials which will enable you to fulfil the orders.

Oh I almost give up!

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