Monday, 27 April 2009

Really Stupid!

I sometimes wonder what planet some of the cabinet are on. They are either unbelievably arrogant or just really stupid. Take the Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell who has been tipped for some of the top jobs, he left a flat which he and his girlfriend had occupied in such a disgusting state that the landlord withheld his deposit.

Now ordinarily that would be bad enough because surely nobody in office wants a reputation that he is a slob but in the case of Mr Purnell it gets worse. You see the NoLab types claim for everything and anything and of course he had claimed well over a thousand pounds for cleaning which clearly had not been spent on cleaners or cleaning. Now that is really stupid. Perhaps he spent it on the red wine which according to the landlord had found its way onto the walls of the flat.

Details of the expenses that some of these MP's have been claiming are soon to emerge. The advance rumours suggest that some of them are so scandalous that By-Elections may result caused by resignations of embarrassed MPs. If that is the case I would hope that prosecutions would also follow.

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