Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Intelligence and Terrorism

When top copper Bob Quick naively blew a major terrorist plot by revealing their names and addresses to the press we all thought that at least some of our police were on the ball and had their finger on the pulse.

You see many of us fear that the mass, unregulated, immigration policy of this government leave us exposed to any kind of terrorist threat. If the government cannot or will not instigate an immigration policy which would safeguard our citizens then is it any wonder that people turn to the BNP for comfort.

Then the announcements came today that the police got it wrong. None of the people arrested in the high profile campaign following Quick's faux pas have been charged.
What is that all about? Did Quick deliberately reveal his documents (it really was stupid) to divert attention from Jacqui's expenses.

We were all fed pictures of people lying on the ground being held by the Gestapo (sorry our anti terrorist police) and now we discover that none of them were plotting a terrorist act. They were of course illegal immigrants or at the very least people who had entered the country on unchecked student visas. It demonstrated that the lax immigration policies of Phil Woollas and his crowd could expose the British public to a terrorist attack.

Now we learn that the people who are there to protect us have no idea who is the real threat. That is really scary!

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