Monday, 13 April 2009

The Scottish Labour Party

We are now being asked to believe that the PM knew nothing about the activities of his very own Special Advisor, Damien McBride, who is paid for out of the public purse but is answerable only to the PM. This man has been loyally at the PM's side for some ten years but on this one occasion when he was caught acting inappropriately he was acting independently of his boss. Gordon of course is as usual clean as a whistle.

Now I doubt if there is one person in the country interested in politics who believes this charade. There is a precedent to the blog 'Red Rag' which was to be used by NoLab activist Derek Draper to smear some prominent Tories and their wives. It is called 'Leaky Chanter' and is used in Scotland to smear the SNP. NoLab have used this tactic extensively in Scotland. It is a dirty little tool which has no place in a democracy but is just one of the weapons used by NoLab north of the border.

One of the weapons of the Blogosphere are the comments attracted by the major blogs and the comments now arriving from Scotland are illuminating. It now appears that the disappearance of the record detailing the postal votes in the Glenrothes By Election (which NoLab amazingly won) from the Sheriff's office in Kirkcaldy is probably small beer. The Scottish Labour Party appear to be the master of the black arts of politics north of the border.

You do not need me to tell you how many Scots are welded to the coat tails of Gordon Brown in Westminster. He has stuffed the place full of them. Then when this little matter of an advisor setting up a blog with a well known political fixer becomes public we are asked to believe that Gordon knew nothing about it.

I would be a little more sympathetic to his case if his very own Special Advisor was charged with misfeasance and brought up before a judge. Yeah I know they don't do that do they? Never mind the Bloggers tanks are parked on the PM's lawn. Who is next for the trial by Blog?

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