Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Poisonous Press

Guido Fawkes brought to the attention of the public the poison that Gordon Brown and NoLab can inflict on individuals if the government is opposed. Apparently this has been the norm within the NoLab party for some time. Unless you agree with Gordon then you are a non-person. That means that you are finished. You won't get promoted, you won't be supported and your career has been terminated.

A journalist from The Times (Alice Miles) wrote an article recently confessing that journalists had supported this policy of bullying which is of course what it is. Gordon Brown's inner circle have been briefing against anyone who opposed them. His principle 'Special Advisor' Damien McBride has been fed to the wolves to save the skin of people further up the food chain. The ridiculous 'Dolly' Draper has also been sacrificed.

Now my point is how would these same journalists react if asked to brief against the only political party to oppose the Westminster Three. How would these brave heroes react if told to oppose the BNP. The same principle applies. People who support the BNP are being sacked for their political views. That is wrong and gradually people are beginning to realise that it is just possible that the BNP are not 'odious' they are not 'racist' and many members are actually fighting for the 'human rights' of the indigenous British population.

Now we have witnessed how the national press can be manipulated by the Damien McBrides of this world is it any wonder that we doubt the integrity of the British main stream media. I am not a member of the BNP but I do read their website and I tell you what many of you would agree with them. If you work for the government however don't tell them that you are reading the BNP website. They will want your DNA.

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