Thursday, 9 April 2009

Yet Another Police Apology!

Do you ever get the feeling that the whole NoLab Project is unravelling in front of your eyes? The problem is that we are the people who will end up paying for it all.
I cannot believe after all the previous problems about the handling of sensitive documents that these NoLab cronies still think that they are bomb proof.

Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick steps out of a car and waves details of an anti-terror plot under the cameras of waiting photographers. When I had access to secure information there were definite rules about their transportation. All these rules appear to have been torn up by the NoLab group who are constantly taking incompetence to new levels. It is not just incompetence but a degree of arrogance as well.

They evidently believe that they are so well place and connected that nothing will happen to them and in most cases they are regrettably correct. Quick may have resigned but he keeps his pension rights. It is always amazing that behind the scenes the people who commit these gross errors of judgement are never punished.

The Metropolitan Police Force these days is shambolic. They are never far away from the next headline and the conduct of their senior officers is a disgrace. It raises the question, who appoints them, why are they appointed and are they by any chance linked to the mystery organisation 'Common Purpose'?

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