Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Gurkhas

Like most people I am ashamed that the Gurkhas have not been given preferential treatment regarding immigration and access to the NHS. I have long since held the belief that there are elements within the Home Office who have an agenda which is not shall we say of benefit to this country.

For years we have seen people encouraged by any means possible to enter this country even though they have no cultural, religious or ethnic link with this country. It has been a clear policy of trying to destablilize England in particular by allowing mass immigration. We have seen people from countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan all being allowed to circumnavigate our entry laws and take up residency.

Now the very people who have probably been our most loyal allies, soldiers who have earned the highest honours for valour and spilt blood for this country are ignored by this shameless government. Full marks to Joanna Lumley for supporting this cause but it does illustrate that somewhere at the highest level, there are people close to Gordon Brown who are trying to ensure that our culture, our heritage and our national identity are destroyed.

If ever you had any doubts that we are being threatened by forces close to this government then the case of the Gurkhas have proven it. It does not pay to have proven your loyalty to the British cause.

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