Thursday, 9 April 2009

Hit Counter!

Wow! Suddenly my hit counter has been ignited and I can once again see that people are visiting this humble little site with no gimmicks. Thank you all. I would still be voicing my thoughts even if nobody dropped by because it is the only way that I know to relieve the stress of modern society.

My generation can still remember our youth and frankly we could never have believed that Britain would descend into a cesspit where the police would act like the Stasi, the government would mirror the governments of the old Rumania and East Germany and there would be no viable opposition.

I have been rather cowardly because I really should join the BNP. They are the only alternative opposition to the Westminster Three who are conning the country and filling their boots at the same time.

I have provided for my old age and I have been lucky. Anybody who served for 22 years with the army, when I did, will never starve. I really feel for the people who thought that they were doing the right thing and because the banks got greedy they are now suffering. This is disgraceful government. I don't mean the people who banked in Iceland or who grabbed the equity from their house because that is a gamble and you lost.

I refer to the savers who reasonably expected that this NoLab government would protect their interests and now discover that the benefit claimants, the crooks, the quango members have more rights than they have. I hope all you NoLab supporters who once were Union members and thought that Keir Hardie was still alive and well now recognise that Gordon Brown does not give a flying **** about you and neither did Tony Blair. You have been conned and if you continue to vote Labour then you will continue to be conned.

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