Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Blogoshere

It is on days like today that the Blogoshere is at its best. When the big stories begin to break and one or two of the arch bloggers are involved then one just has to sit back and smile.

I still do not yet know just what the hell it is all about except to say that civil servants/advisors very, very close to Gordon Brown have been sending out extremely nasty E-Mails trying to smear some leading Tory MPs and Guido Fawkes got hold of them.

Apparently the News of the World is going to publish them tomorrow although Guido says that they didn't get them from him. As a result one Damien McBride has resigned from his position this afternoon. Now frankly I had never heard of Damien McBride but now I discover he as as close to Gordon Brown as anyone can get. He was at the heart of the Downing Street bunker and apparently the E-Mails are so toxic that they are the product of a sick mind.

To my mind this is something that leads directly to the Prime Minister. This McBride works for him, he has been alongside Gordon Brown for a long time. It is inconceivable that he would be working on projects without the knowledge of his boss.
There is no way that 'Mugabe' Brown can escape guilt by association.

I have long suspected that the PM is one of the nastiest politicians at Westminster. One only has to look at his associates to reveal his mindset. If these E-Mails are as nasty as is being quoted then he should join most of his useless cabinet in the dock.

The problem is he won't hold an election until he has utterly ruined the country. He won't resign even when faced with conclusive evidence that his policies are ridiculous. That being the case he will never resign on moral grounds because he doesn't know the meaning of the word.

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