Monday, 20 April 2009

Family and Friends

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the friends and family who attended my wife's birthday party on Saturday evening. It was a great evening which went without a hitch and she is still on a high that all her friends and work colleagues made the effort to turn out.

Our entertainer Mark Traversoni (01788 860433) began by entertaining the children with a magic show, before performing close up magic at each table. He then upset my grandchildren by putting grandma in a box and then attempting to force knives into her head! Despite their tears (!) I can thoroughly recommend him.

The food was excellent and everyone seemed to have a great night. Pride of place on my chart for special thanks goes to my daughter who once again played a blinder. She is such an accomplished organiser and I just knew that she would ensure that her mum had a great evening. Thanks also to my son who in the middle of his law degree finals drove 300 miles with his daughter so that everyone was there on the big night.

This is family in action. I know that it is my family but all over this country despite the trendy liberal/NoLab tendency to discourage marriage it is the cement which build this country together and there is no substitute to personal commitment. It is a lesson which needs to be learned and it is only learned through events like Saturday night. Grandma is very happy even though she hates the idea that she is finally not in her fifties any more!

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Alison said...

It always helps when Daddy doesn't give you a budget! Was that a mistake? Only you can say.......
It was a wonderful night and I am very thankful it all went to plan!