Sunday, 19 April 2009

Food Parcels

I could not believe my eyes this evening when it was reported that one of the local pubs in my town was handing out food parcels to the needy. Full marks for their initiative and energy for them to persuade supermarkets to give them produce that was almost out of date but what an indictment on the government!

How can our local MP, Andy Reed(Labour), look anyone in the eye when he visits the town when the very policies that he has supported have resulted in food parcels from a local pub. His government props up the European Union to the tune of £37 million a day and hands out billions to African despots but cannot award our pensioners a pension that they can survive on.

There is no justification for a political class to continue to reward themselves and ignore the problems on the streets. Something must change but unfortunately all three Westminster parties will always vote to protect their own self interests. Come the next election they will arrive on your doosteps with their cheery smiles and shiny rossettes promising you the earth and after you have voted business will be back to normal.

And you dear reader will probably fall for it all over again...let's face it this con has been going on for decades.

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