Friday, 10 April 2009

BNP News

Yesterday there was only one local by-election held in the country. It was held in Moston a district of Manchester generally regarded as a 'safe' NoLab seat. It provides three councillors for the Manchester Council all of them NoLab and the MP is also NoLab so not a place to go searching for BNP votes one might suggest.

The result was as follows:-
NoLab 1353
BNP 815
LibDems 696
Tories 558
Greens 79

The BNP gained 23.3% of the vote in this Labour heartland. This is a staggering rise in the number of people who are prepared to turn their backs on the Westminster mob and vote for the only real opposition to the current disgraceful Parliamentarians from all parties.

The BNP activists also have to be brave because they are coming under attack from all sides of Westminster. They are also physically threatened on a regular basis and routinely face intolerance and abuse largely brought about by people who read the propaganda printed by the mainstream media most of whom have a political agenda of their own.

It makes the coming European elections so very important. This is the only chance this year to let the Westminster politicians know how we feel about their behaviour. Their only credible opposition and the only people to stand up and snarl back at the ballot box are the BNP. I think so many of us must now look hard into the mirror and practice how to snarl.

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