Saturday, 18 April 2009

NoLab in Ruins!

I have had a very busy day. My wife was sixty yesterday and this evening we had around eighty people in my local social club to celebrate with the family. We all had a great evening and I was so grateful to all our friends and family for giving my wife such a wonderful evening. I think most people realise after such an occasion that one has to wind down and so I logged into the blogosphere to read about the most recent revelations about the NoLab party and their political manoeverings.

I have to ask one question. Who the hell is running this country? If Ed Balls is briefing against his so called colleagues, if Jacqui Smith is dead in the water and if the PM has no knowledge of all the in-fighting in his party then who is running the country?

We are in deep trouble because our economy under the stewardship of Gordon Brown is in freefall. He is more concerned about his personal standing than the state of his so called party or even his country. When senior Labour party stalwarts like Alice Mahon are resigning because they are sickened by the performance of the Downing Street cabul then we have a problem.

Gordon has lost the plot but then we knew that and I suspect that the greatest backer of NoLab has also become exasperated with him. Rupert Murdoch controls The Sun and The Times and as such they both backed Tony Blair. In recent weeks these papers have been briefing against NoLab. Their columnists have been given license to speak openly about the corruption within the NoLab party.

Oops Gordon you can smile at the rest of us but if you have upset Rupert then you are in deep doodoo! This party is in ruins and as such they have no moral authority to continue with the nonsense that they inflicted on the rest of us. It is high time for an election but that means a fair election, not one where postal votes hold sway!

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