Sunday, 5 April 2009

MP's expenses

Hardly a day passes at the moment without more MPs being exposed for outrageous breeches of public trust. I realise that their 'rules' entitle them to exploit the public purse but never would any of us believed the extent to which these rules have been twisted, bent and maligned. Some of these MPs are so corrupt that the term 'Honourable' has become a misnomer.

Apparently the details of these expenses are due to be publicised shortly and the advance reviews indicate that we could be in for a shock! I don't think that this is acceptable. These people all know what is reasonable and honest and what is theft from the public purse.

I think that prior to the publication of the expense details every MP should be given one opportunity to repay items which on reflection were claimed on a false premise. We all make mistakes.

After that however, they should all be under scrutiny from ,as Harriet Harman put it, the Court of Public Opinion. She used this argument on the Andrew Marr Show when she was criticising the greed of the bankers. Well our MPs should also answer to the voters and as Gordon Brown (the unelected PM) refuses us an election on almost every issue of importance then every unreasonable claim should be contested.

For example it is obvious that people like Geoff Hoon and Jacqui Smith have manipulated the rules to their advantage but it also quite obvious that these rules should be unlawful. Everyone instinctively knows why expenses are granted, what they should cover and what in most walks of life be regarded as outrageous and immoral.

Frankly if the don't take an opportunity to pay back the indefensible they should face jail!

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