Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I find it really difficult to understand how our PM, on the eve of a crucial budget, should appear on YouTube of all places announcing some kind of review of MP's expenses. What has happened to democracy? What has happened to parliamentary debate? Why is he refusing the request by the Tory leader David Cameron to sort out the mess? What is this hideous man up to now?

The video of this pronouncement is gruesome. Gordon is at his worst and it is quite clear that nobody could possibly trust a man who is girning on cue to the camera. He is obviously up to something. He has obviously got an agenda. He has pre-empted a report by the committee charged with investigating the abuse of the expenses and as such has neutered their investigations. Nice One Gordon...another blow to democracy.

When are we going to rid ourselves of this incompetent, useless, power crazy, fascist, leader who has single handedly ruined our economy and is encouraging mafia style electoral tactics. Gordon Brown is a wrong 'un. In years to come he will be compared with 'Tricky Dicky' Nixon and compared unfavourably I might add. His abject performance will ruin the country.

Time after time I blog that we must,in order to save our economy, pull out of the unaudited European Union, we must reconsider foreign aid and thirdly we must find a way to pull our troops out of the unwinnable war in Afghanistan. I have always suspected that this war in Afghanistan was concocted by NoLab to tie up the British Army so that they could not be used on the home front.

There is a reason for this but as yet I have not worked it out. Perhaps it is something to do with the introduction of a European force on British soil. You know something that Adolf Hitler tried to do. I know, I know, I am absolutely barmy and I have no proof, no evidence but I just have that uncomfortable feeling that there are forces trying to wreck this country. The Mayoress of Calais got it right when she said that the benefits handed out in this country were the reason that her town had been invaded by illegal immigrants.

Phil Woollas our Immigration Minister disagreed... who do you believe?

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