Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Budget

I think that Alistair Darling was only a few minutes into his budget speech when I was thinking that he was once again spending money that he didn't have. His policies were all dependent on a huge borrowing programme. I am no financial expert but simple economics apply no matter what level is being operated. If you borrow too much and overspend as a result then disaster follows.

This government is in trouble because its attempt to establish an all controlling monopoly government requires vast sums of money. The employment of a huge army of people whose sole aim is to propogate the NoLab mantra does not contribute to the economy.

The highlight of the day however was the way David Cameron ripped into the hapless pair responsible for the mess who had to sit and listen to him dismantling them at every level. He exposed their ineptitude, their lack of planning, their inability to put ideas into practice and their lack of financial acumen. The whole of the NoLab front bench looked dumbstruck and Gordon's only response was to girn like a guilty schoolboy who had just been caught cheating.

Cameron should do more of this. He should stop being the Tory Tony Blair and start being the Tory leader. He has the skills and the target is wide open. He should continue to expose that the only answer Brown/Darling have to a problem is to throw money at it. The problem is that they never monitor where that money is going so it disappears into the atmosphere like money does if you don't account for it.

Take a deep breath we still have another budget to come from this lot!


Anonymous said...

The bravest man was Captain Brown for he played his ukelele as the ship went down.


bryboy said...

Christine that is hilarious! How on earth did you find it? I reckon it could be a number one because it is so apt. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The tune just popped into my head when I was watching the budget,even though I hadn't heard it for years.

God bless Youtube!!