Saturday, 25 April 2009

Why won't they sue Peter Oborne?

For the third week in succession Peter Oborne the Daily Mail political columnist has challenged the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and the Employment Minister Tony McNulty to sue him. He is referring to them as 'thieves'. It is his contention that they have stolen money from the public purse that they are not entitled to.

It is unbelievable that a employee of the Daily Mail can openly accuse the Home Secretary of all people of theft and get away with it. She has to respond and if she doesn't then she has to resign. It is quite obvious that Peter Oborne is backing her into a corner because most of us think that she has taken advantage of the weak regulations governing MP's expenses.

If Jacqui Smith feels it unwise to sue then of course that presumes guilt. I am amazed that Gordon Brown has not pointed that out to her...but then no I'm not because none of this lot have any shame.

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