Sunday, 12 April 2009

VMB's Election Poll

With only one local by-election last week the percentages have not changed very much. It is still very tight between the two major parties which still surprises me. Everyone is convinced nationally that the Tories will win the next election but these figures are predicting a hung parliament.

The BNP are putting up a good fight in fourth place but they will be hamstrung at the next election because of lack of finance. They do not appear to have the financial backing that the larger parties attract which is another blow to democracy. Only the rich can afford to fight elections in Britain today.

Anyway here are the stats after Moston Manchester.

Tories 24.9%
NoLab 24.33%
LibDems 19.29%
BNP 17.38%
Independents 6.8%
Greens 5.18%
UKIP 2.5%

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