Saturday, 25 April 2009

VMB's Election Poll

After a blank week last Thursday there were two local elections at Erewash and Redbridge this week. Once again it only demonstrated how confused voters are at the moment. In Erewash NoLab managed to persuade their core voters to the polling stations and to my utter astonishment almost 700 people think that NoLab is still worth their vote. I suspect that most of them owe their jobs or their immigration status to the government.

In Redbridge the Tories won comfortably but once again NoLab managed to pull out almost 700 voters. This tends to suggest that, despite the performance of the government, the idealists still believe the socialist dogma. It is frightening!

The big loser is these two elections were the BNP who failed to make any inroads in either of these constituencies. Once again UKIP polled miserably in the only election they chose to fight. It appears that despite not getting a vote on Europe, despite the horrendous cost to the taxpayer, despite the EU never passing an audit the public have been so brainwashed that they continue to vote for parties who support this mish-mash union of countries.

These are the updated figures:-

Tories 25.14%
NoLab 24.41%
LibDem 19.49%
BNP 16.66%
Ind 6.8%
Greens 5.42%
UKIP 2.3%

Remember these figures are based on how people have actually voted in the local elections since the beginning of the year. They are not the result of polls conducted by people who have a vested interest in promoting political parties.

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