Thursday, 16 April 2009

Wasting Public Money!

I read that the Chancellor will be borrowing yet more billions when he presents his next budget. This of course threatens all of us and our children and our grandchildren becaused he has already demonstrated along with the PM that they do not understand basic finance.

When the European state was set up we were regarded as a relatively rich country. When we began the war in Afghanistan the economy was stable and when we began the foreign aid programme it probably had some relevance. With our debt mounting steeply every hour all of these commitments need to be reviewed alongside the huge government public expenditure.

They cannot continue to borrow money so that they can just give it away again. I read the other day that we are giving money to Robert Mugabe for instance! What is that all about? Then how about the fifteen million pounds handed to Uganda for 'gender equality'. In my opinion most of the money handed to Africa will never be accounted for.

In the meantime our pensioners, the very people who fought for this country and who have contributed into the exchequer all of their working lives, you know the very people who Gordon Brown claims to support (hard working families) are living in penury. What kind of government supports gender equality in Uganda before its own pensioners?

What irritates me even more however, is that the Tories have never announced plans to change anything that NoLab do. They will continue the wars, they will continue to fling money at Europe (even though it has never passed an audit) and David Cameron has stated that the Foreign Aid budget would be 'ringfenced'. I sometimes think that he doesn't want to win the next election and who could blame him?

The trouble is that unless someone in power is prepared to make serious decisions about the economy then we are stuffed. Our spending far exceeds our income. We cannot afford the grandiose plans of this hapless government but nobody appears to have an alternative plan. Nobody apart from the party that everybody hates... of course that is why they are hated.

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