Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Justice at Last!

I could not believe that the Westminster crowd suddenly became ashamed of their government and a sufficient number of them found a conscience. A bit late in the day perhaps but better late than never. After sitting through the PM's shameless excuses during Question Time I think that most of us were disgusted.

Once again however, David Cameron gave Brown an easy time and it was left to Nick Clegg to become the lead attack on the Gurkha issue. I really have never had much time for Clegg but this time he bared his teeth and was very effective as Brown was left to repeat and repeat his lame excuses and lies about NoLab's policy regarding the Gurkhas.

Nowhere did he confess that the problem had only occurred after the Chinese took back Hong Kong. Prior to that the Gurkhas were allowed to remain in Hong Kong. When that ceased they had nowhere else to go unless they went home to a very poor country.

Full marks to Joanna Lumley for taking the lead role in the fight. She was splendid as were all the people who flooded the 'Politics Show' with E-Mails before and after the scenes in Parliament. Middle England have clearly had enough of Gordon Brown and the 28000 who have, so far, signed up on the Downing Street Website petition to see him removed is proof of that.

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