Tuesday, 14 April 2009

BNP News

You think that the chaos in British politics and the scandals of the PM's administration would be an opportunity for opposition parties to attack the government. It is happening everywhere apart from the BNP website. They more than anyone should want to attack NoLab but they steadfastly seem to refuse to get involved.

Their message is always positive and online with their priorties. They want to tackle immigration (so of course they are racist) they want to reward families but more than anything they need to address all the problems of energy, social and legal cohesion and the need to generate finance to fight for British people.

Their website is a reflection of their attitude. If you don't believe me go to their website and listen/read to what they have to say. Then compare that to the panic stricken cries from Harriet Harman. Here are people who don't want to waste money in the unaudited European Union. Here are people who value family life and want the British people to get a fair deal.

They do not want all immigrants to return home. If you have contributed to this country and deserve to be here then you do not need to fear the BNP. They only want to get rid of the wasters, the spongers and the illegal. Judge for yourselves because they need your votes and in my opinion deserve them.

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