Friday, 10 April 2009

Jacqui Smith v The Daily Mail

Two days ago I posted an item highlighting the editorial campaign in the Daily Mail which had stated in print that our 'Honourable' Home Secretary was a 'liar and a thief'. They are back on the attack again today, this time they state that she has 'blatantly committed fraud with her expenses'. Now they are referring to the Home Secretary, the person responsible for law and order in this country.

It does not matter that she is doing an unbelievably poor job the position means that she must maintain her integrity and her dignity. She cannot allow a national newspaper to call her a liar and a thief. Her very position means that she has to fight back and that means she must sue them!

Now I have scoured the news items waiting for the headline 'Home Secretary sues the Mail'! Three days have now past and there has been not a peep out of the Home Office. What can we deduce from that? Does she not care that she has brought her office into disrepute? She refuses to resign but is happy to allow the office to be debased in such a disrespectful manner.

Come on Home Secretary stick up for yourself! Be a woman! Don't let them treat you with such disdain! Give us all a treat and drag the Mail into court - I dare you!

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