Tuesday, 12 May 2009

David Cameron

Well at least someone has made some decisions and partially done the right thing. It would appear that unlike Gordon Brown, David Cameron knocked some heads together and is trying to bring about some common sense and retribution. It does not excuse the wanton disregard of honesty by his party members who in my opinion should face something more than merely paying back a few thousand quid which they can all easily afford.

His action however leaves Gordon Brown and the NoLab party exposed as the 'do nothing' party! The Speaker has also been exposed for the mean little scrounger that he is and of course they are all so mired in sleaze that they have just frozen. They just do not know what to do because that means making some meaningful decisions, then taking these decisions and sticking by the consequences. This cannot be dismissed by a soundbyte or a gimmick. Money cannot be thrown at the problem of integrity.

Their problem appears to be that they do not recognise integrity. It is a foreign word to a NoLab Cabinet Minister and so when they are faced with implementing an honest workable system they don't know what to do.

These champagne socialists operate as wheels within wheels. They have all got 'something' on someone else so unlike David Cameron nobody can impose themselves on the party. Decisions cannot be made because it will always upset someone who owes someone a favour.

David Cameron stole a huge march on Gordon Brown today. It will be interesting tomorrow at PM's Question Time to see who will accuse who of being the 'Do Nothing' party.

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