Saturday, 9 May 2009

VMB's Election Poll

There was only one local By Election last week at Rossmere Hartlepool. I would think that this is one constituency where people get excommunicated from their family for voting anything other than Labour but even I was shocked that NoLab, even when their government is mired in sleaze, actually increased their vote by over 50 votes.

So there you have it, the NoLab MPs are treating the voters with utter contempt. They are 'flipping' their houses every year in order to claim money for renovating every property that they own. The PM is up to every trick in the book to claim expenses which any normal job would disallow without a thought. Some of them have acted against even the rules of the 'Green Book' like the waster Phil Woolas who even claimed for tampons! No matter to the voters of Hartlepool they have 'Labour' after their name so that is good enough for them! Keir Hardie and John Smith would be swivelling in their graves.

Mind you I have blogged many times that this is not exclusive to Hartlepool. The core NoLab vote has not collapsed in these by elections and this week they are now ahead of the Tories on the percentage vote. UKIP did surprisingly well but they did well in this constituency before and even though they did well to come second it only raises their percentage to 3.125% and they have only fought 12 out of 73 by elections this year. They appear to be tactically using their few candidates to challenge the BNP vote. A ploy which will be welcomed by the Westminster Three no doubt if they can ever raise their noses out of the trough.

The publication of the rampant excesses of the dishonourable members at Westminster surely proves beyond all doubt that they are unworthy of our trust and we need new parties to challenge them. The problem is that our political system is geared towards corruption so that new parties struggle to get a toe hold. Only one party (The BNP)has constantly dared to challenge them and they are holding their percentage at 16%. Here are the figures.

NoLab 24.44%
Tories 24.26% (They came bottom in Hartlepool with only 105 votes!)
LibDems 20.05%
BNP 16.43%
Greens 5.28% (Unchanged)
Independents 6.8% (Unchanged)
UKIP 3.125%

Remember this is how people are actually voting and the figures come from all over the country. It is a four way fight despite what the main stream media tell you. The BNP are not allowed on Question Time, they have no media access apart from 'Freedom' their own newspaper, no party political broadcast on TV and they still have sufficient support to be a threat.

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