Thursday, 21 May 2009

He still doesn't get it!

Yet again Gordon Brown still cannot understand the public anger about his stance on the Hazel Blears affair. Hazel Blears obviously did wrong. She cannot escape the wrath of the public but is it not strange that only Hazel has been criticised by the PM.

Now it is no secret that Hazel actually did the unthinkable because she criticized Gordon Brown openly in the press. He has actually taken the opportunity to bin Hazel (even though he has confidence in her as a Minister). However, his mates like Hoon, Jacqui Smith, Darling, Kelly etc etc have not broken the rules. It is disgusting!

We have Cameron and Clegg trying very hard to distance themselves from the fraud and sack their MPs but Gordon continues to support people who frankly have defrauded the public purse. The problem is that he is so engrossed in his own political agenda and his defence of his own position that he has totally lost the plot. But then he never had a plot; well he did but it only concerned Gordon gaining the position of Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown is defending his Cabinet to the hilt but then he has no option. They have governed together and they all know where the 'bodies are buried'. They are now under pressure and you know what happens when thieves fall out!

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