Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Great Westminster Robbery (continued)

This is getting monotonous. We are getting details of the failings of all the 'little' people (sorry Chipmunk) but the major players are being kept out of the firing line. I particularly mean on both sides because the mates of Gordon and David Cameron are being protected.

They are throwing people to the lions but they are not the people we want to be thrown to the lions. Who gives a tuppenny damn about the backbench MPs who have transgressed the rules? We want the big players. Recently the top twenty 'troughers' list has been published and they are almost all members of the NoLab party.

'Mugabe' Brown is shameless because he actually began this process and he is now protecting his most prolific 'troughers' and is persecuting the people(like Chipmunk) who have dared to criticise the great leader. There appears no doubt that there are people like the Balls/Cooper marriage who have as they say 'double dipped'. They have two homes (I think)and they claim (I think) that they don't live in London even though their kids go to school in London! Help me on this.

NoLab is not on its own because the Tories are taking the moral high ground with their 'so-called' grandees but if you are a mate of David Cameron then you have a chance. An individual is trying to summons Jacqui Smith into court for fraud but he is being obstructed at every turn. Do you really want to stop all of this nonsense?

Sorry folks but the only party who are not aligned with the pro Europe, pro immigration, pro political class, let's enslave the entire British public and corrupt the police and the Civil Service while we wreck the entire economy are the BNP!

They are, in my opinion, not the ultimate answer because I am not aligned to some of the policies of their leaders but they are prepared to make tough decisions and they would change the politics of this country and this needs doing. They are organised, committed and prepared to change the country.

My wife says beware of what you wish for and she is a wise woman but do we have a choice? Parliament has been proven to have been corrupt and venal. Our economy has been wrecked so what do we tell our children and grandchildren? Do we say that we were so cowardly, so cowed, so browbeaten that we dared not oppose Gordon Brown?

The whole mainstream media are attacking the BNP. It is relentless. It is sometimes pathetic but why is it so venal? They are shit scared that there is a party on the horizon who they cannot control. The BNP people are against the Political Class! That has to be worth supporting; The Irish Times states that the BNP could topple Gordon Brown. Hell I frankly don't care about anything else but I want rid of this 'son of the manse' because he has been the author of the worst excesses of this horrendous parliament.

They have no moral authority left. They have been exposed as corrupt beyond belief but still the mainstream media support this desperate government/system. Why? The reason is that ever since we entered the European Union we have been corrupted. This European Union has never been audited, they have no moral authority but they keep passing rules which destroy the moral authority of the people.


Anonymous said...

Your wife has doubts. Well, don't we all! But the sight of a few burkhas wandering down the high street tends to concentrate the mind enormously.

Have a look at this wonderful video. Manningham Lane 1902.

In 2001 this was the scene of one of the worst riots this country has ever known.


bewick said...

I think you are right. The Balls/Coopers DO live in London most of the time and their children DO go to school in London. so THAT is 40 weeks of the year which LOOKS to be the majority of 52 weeks. Even if they spent every school term weekend in Castleford then they STILL spend more than half the time in London!!!! so where then is "main" as per the Green Book?

By MY interpretation London IS, ipso facto, their MAIN home so NO recompense should be due. As per the Green Book.
They claim however that it is NOT and Castleford is despite the very clear facts.
As a result they between them claim £600 a month for food alone (forget all the other troughing appalling though it is)
Hmmm a family of four can live VERY well on £600 a month for food. The actual salaries have little use except for upkeep and mortgage on the Castleford property since virtually EVERYTHING in London is, for them, FREE. so I'd guess that between them they are banking £160k a year or more after tax.
Ooops I FORGOT. They HAVE been cleared by an establishment controlled Committee or "watchdog" so that's all right then. Isn't it?

On Any Questions Friday Ed Balls proudly said that they paid £80k CGT when they changed second home. Well GREAT. They still though pocketed £120k on the sale of a property totally funded by the taxpayer. Same idea as the chipmunk but many, including Hoon, didn't even pay CGT. Hazel MAY be slightly more honourable but even she doesn't think it wrong that SHE gets the profit when the taxpayer took the risk!
I am BOILING. BNP aren't fielding a candidate in my area or, despite my very serious reservations, they WOULD get my vote. UKIP will now.
ANYBODY but troughers (and MY MP is not one but the MEP may well be)

bryboy said...

Tks for the tip Christine I will look it up. I well remember the Manningham Lane riots which brought back echoes of Enoch Powell so many years ago.

Tks also for your interest Bewick we seem to be on the same wavelength. I know that the BNP are a risk but all these parties are risky and so far the BNP have not walked off with any public money!

I also like the fact that they would be me and mine first for once! There are kids from the poorer areas who are having their education ruined because of the influx of immigrants and that is not right.