Monday, 18 May 2009

The Speaker and Scotland

I first blogged about The Speaker on 24 Feb 2008 and followed up a month later. At that time it was already being suggested that he was the wrong man for the job. I remember thinking that he was an old fashioned Scottish Socialist and that as such he could never fulfill the role of Speaker because the Speaker should be impartial.

I was brought up in a Scottish socialist household and so I know that the bitterness, the bigotry and the lack of a rounded education prevents them from making impartial decisions. The Scots have been generally brainwashed to accept their version of Scottish history. My own mother who is now 92 tells me what she was taught at school about the English and it is laughable.

One of the problems about our current parliament is that far too many Scottish socialists are ruling the roost. Even in this modern world they have a warped view of England and the English. There is a deep rooted hatred of the English which only comes out when sport is involved. It is no accident that the only people in the United Kingdom who do not have their own Parliament are the English.

In 1996 I was in a Scottish pub in Newtown Stewart on a touring holiday and witnessed England being beaten by Rumania in the European football championships. To a man all the locals were on the side of the Rumanians. Frankly their bigoted attitude sickened me (and remember all my relations are Scots) and I have never forgotten it.

This Speaker should never have been appointed. He has been a disaster and in my opinion the Labour party knew what they were doing. From what I hear about the proceedings today they are quite prepared to bring down democracy and parliament to keep him in office. This will be the legacy of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. It will take us decades to recover from the last ten years of NoLab rule and blood will be spilt before we do.

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