Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A New Dawn

Well I just knew that he wouldn't go quickly. This could be a long drawn out painful death. It could also herald a new dawn but our politicians must have the courage of their convictions. It is not just about reforming expenses it must also encompass reforming procedures.

For too long we have seen Gordon Brown, using parliamentary procedure to dodge questions at PM's Question Time. He has recently been an abject figure in power but not in control. He has been tainted by his association with the Damien McBride's of this world and his Cabinet is now amongst the sleaziest in the land. According to Peter Oborne in the Daily Mail the PM is also accredited with 'shoehorning' Michael Martin into the Speaker's chair. He is either a very poor judge of character or as Guido Fawkes would put an utter 'Jonah'.

Most of us are sick of the Punch and Judy politics conducted by the NoLab and Tory parties. Parliament must be about more than that and should be more accountable. We seem to have lost the debating process so now is the time to open the Westminster doors to others with a wider range of abilities and interests.

We can only do that by adopting proportional representation the election system employed widely elsewhere in the world. In that way minority groups, who often have differing views and interests, could be represented and heard.

Somebody has to come up with some genuine 'outside of the box' thinking. I believe there is talent in Westminster but it has been stifled by Gordon Brown and his social engineering goals. We must keep the pressure on them.

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