Monday, 18 May 2009


Our country is in a parlous state. Most of the Blogosphere have recognised this because they have been in the forefront in the battle against this crazy government. Every freedom that our parents and grandparents fought for has been eroded.

We are now ruled by a European power but who are they? How can this illegal, unauthorised, unaudited organisation which costs us almost £40 million per day be supported by all three of our major political parties. Where are our options? Who is colluding with whom? We have over 600 MPs and a host of MEPs and yet none of them seem to have any power at all. Democracy in Europe has been killed but by whom? To be honest Adolf Hitler could not have done a better job!

Who is actually running this country? It sure as hell is not Gordon Brown because he is mired in The Speaker controversy but... does the issue of The Speaker really matter? Is this ancient ritual of The Speaker and his/her powers actually in fact just a little local difficulty?

The Speaker problem is deflecting from the European elections. Is this not deliberate? Are we being conned yet again? To be honest the election of MEPs is a farce because they do not matter. They only matter for small parties like the BNP because of the financial implications. If a small party gets a member elected into the European Parliament then they receive big bucks.

Be aware everyone, we are at a critical point in our democracy. This NoLab party have been leading us down the road where we have the same values as East Germany or Rumania in the eighties. Everywhere there are paralells with the old Communist ideals which are ever linked with absolute power.

The real victory has been the exposure of the Political Class. They have been exposed as charletons and only because of their greed. Almost all of the Cabinet, all appointed by Gordon Brown, have been caught with their snout firmly in the trough. They cannot be trusted. They have let us all down.

How can we get back to the British way of life, democracy, fair play and free speech? Well we can begin with the demolition of the Westminster parties who have led us down this path. We must continue the fight through the blogs for our independence because we are the only freedom writers!!!

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