Friday, 8 May 2009

The Great Westminster Robbery

Well now we know from The PM down that our MPs are by and large 'dishonourable' members. It would appear that very few have remained steadfastly honest although we have not yet heard the extent of the fraud. Initial reports suggest that members of all three parties have taken the public for a ride.

It really signals the end of democracy in this country. Once all the information is in the public domain then The Queen should dissolve Parliament. We cannot be ruled by a crowd of thieves and twisters. In the following General Election any person who has been seen to have claimed anything other than reasonable and just expenses should be disqualified from standing as a candidate. In the more extreme cases the police should get involved. You know expenses for items like, food, tampons, bath plugs and nappies should be declared criminal. As should the practice of 'flipping' properties between first and second homes so that one year renovations can be carried out on one house and then the next year the second house is spruced up with tax payer's money.

'The Great Westminster Robbery'is now making me doubt that we have any honest men in authority. Certainly finding one who works under the NoLab banner appears to be really hard to find. The Cabinet under Gordon is a cess pit of sleaze. They cannot be allowed to continue for another year now that their moral authority has collapsed.

The problem with the high level NoLab politicians is that so many seem unable to resist any from of temptation. In the days of my father and my grandfather the very term 'socialist' meant that you supported policies which helped your fellow man. Since the coming of New Labour most of them have regularly appeared in the mainstream media accused of a variety of misdeeds. Lord Mandelsson seems to particularly attract adverse press coverage and recently we have had Baroness Uddin apparently living in a Housing Association house and claiming for an empty property.

They are shameless but I think this story is about to run and run and it could get much worse.

UPDATE: They are now claiming for manure!

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