Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Public!

It now appears the the public are waking up to the fact that we have sleep walked our way into the twenty first century and we now find ourselves faced with a huge scandal, a massive fraud which has been committed by a Political Class who now appear to be out of control. At long last the public have woken up to the fact that the people that we have elected are actually criminals!

Witness the panic! Now we discover that Parliament needs to be reformed, we may get a referendum, we may get proportional representation, we may get actually anything that we want er ... unless it is the BNP...who actually continue to be the only party who have advocated all of the above!

Have any of the panicking political class actually mentioned the issues concerning the public? How can our kids get a decent education if most of the class needs an interpreter? Why do immigrants get free dental treatment when we cannot find it? How should anybody from elsewhere get priority over our desperate young couples on housing?

Why should our elderly fear old age? Why are the mentally ill not respected? Why are the police absent from the streets? Why can Tamils stop the traffic in inner London and yet indigenous people are moved on if they want to throw Gordon Brown into the Thames? Do you know it is now getting very late but I could go on and on. Parliament has been rumbled. They have been seen as a toxic influence on democracy.

They are all guilty. It is useless for Cameron or Clegg, who accepted the system, to now attempt to claim the moral high ground. They have been uncovered and are now desperately trying to reclaim the same high ground. Cameron knows it, Clegg feels it and Gordon Brown knows that there are still a lot of stupid tossers who will vote for him! Where is he?


Anonymous said...

And so they should panic. This anger has not appeared overnight.It has been fermenting for a long time and now it has bubbled over.

For years they have dictated to us how we should live our lives: What we should eat, drink, put in our bins, What opinions we should be allowed to hold - I could go on. Now we discover that we were to them just cash machines.

Reform? Change? Not good enough. The only way forward is to break the stranglehold of the two main parties. No longer Must they feel that it is their right to govern for ever. No longer must they be allowed to act as virtual dictators.

Every single one of them must be made to feel unsafe in their seats until they realise that they work for us and not the other way around.


bryboy said...

That means at the very least the introduction of proportional representation. They will resist that until their last breath because it would really break the stranglehold that NoLab and the Tories have on our Parliament. We cannot trust this lot to change anything. They are throwing minnows at the public but we should be insisting on Cabinet Ministers.
Tks again for your input Christine.