Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Speaker

It is all over the mainstream media that Michael Martin, The Speaker, will announce his resignation at 2.30 this afternoon. Now I do not wish to pour cold water on this joyous news but my first reaction is 'When'? I do not trust either him or Gordon Brown. They are experienced manipulators.

I suspect that Martin will be around until the summer recess so that he can meddle in any reforms which this Parliament desperately needs. He will then claim that he 'reformed' the House of Commons before he retired. I hope that the Commons en masse refuses to allow him this luxury. He has proven time and again that he is well out of his depth. Allowing him any leeway at all would be a ghastly error.

I hope that I am wrong but there are a lot of very weak characters in this House and the 'Scottish Mafia' know how to exploit weakeness. We will soon know.


curly15 said...

Can I be smug (please) and say I predicted as much yesterday.

bryboy said...

Good Call Curly! It is always nice to be right! Well done.