Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Great Westminster Robbery (continued)

You just wonder what can possibly happen next? What other scams have these MPs thought up to fill their boots with public money. They keep excusing and apologising but some of these guys have plotted quite ingeniously to rob the public purse. I see today one of the NoLab MP's lost the party whip and a Tory got the sack but in my opinion they are small beer.

From the NoLab senior party members we have not heard a whisper. The people who we suspect have dipped into the public coffers to some effect like Jackie Smith, Geoff Hoon, Prescott, Mandelsson, Alistair Darling and Jack Straw. We have heard nothing either from Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper (his wife) but there is a rumour circulating the blogs that they took out a high court injunction to stop publication of something due to appear in the Sunday Telegraph and failed.

We keep hearing as day after day goes by and the Telegraph has a field day that the worst is yet to come! Wow really! Could it really happen that a really big hitter will fall. You know someone who's sacking would make most of the country stand up and cheer. I can only hope so.

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