Friday, 8 May 2009

Nadine Dorries MP

The Conservative MP who was smeared by Gordon Brown's henchman Damien McBride, has decided to sue the aforesaid McBride, Dolly Draper and more interestingly the Cabinet Secretary Gus O'Donnell. This has the fantastic anticipation that their boss the Prime Minister might end up in the dock.

If he does he will find it much different to the farce of PM's Question Time because this time he will be on oath and he will HAVE to answer the questions. The prospect of Gordon Brown having to honestly answer a question without quoting a Tractor statistic is something that we should all relish. He only has a few stock answers to every question but this time he could not reply that Nadine was the do nothing woman, that he was just getting on with the job, that it was a global economic problem or they have spent more money on her than the Tories.

He will have to be HONEST! Can you imagine that, Gordon Brown in honest mode, Gordon Brown stripped of his authority, Gordon Brown unable to throw a Nokia at the judge and Gordon Brown the naked Prime Minister? I wonder who will try to buy Nadine off.
Can you imagine the terror in the Brown household...Sarah I will have to give an honest reply...I am finished!

Well done that woman... but don't mess up...we want him in the dock!

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