Saturday, 2 May 2009

Madeleine McCann

A blog run by someone called Anna Raccoon has published a video put together by the Portuguese policeman who was in charge of the investigation of Madeleine McCann's disappearance. He was removed from the case by politicians. This video has put the whole scenario of Maddy's 'abduction' under the microscope. It some ways it is chilling and I believe that once word gets around then this video is going to cause a substantial change in the public perception of the McCanns.

The stars of the show are two little dogs who have been trained to detect 'death'. Apparently they have not been wrong in over 200 cases. They detected 'death' twice in the McCann'a holiday flat, once in a cupboard and once behind a settee. They were also certain that a vehicle hired by the McCann's over 20 days later had the same odour of 'death'. The behaviour of these dogs is compelling.

Another English couple saw a man carrying a child through the holiday resort on the evening that Madeleine disappeared and subsequently identified that man as Gerry McCann. Their evidence was ignored.

It is very difficult to know what conclusions to draw. If Maddy did die in that flat then why was Gerry McCann so keen to dispose of the body so quickly? Accidents happen - OK they could be accused of neglect and may have been charged but is this not worse? Were all of their friends complicit in this cover up?

I have just summarised the main points of this video but there is much, much more evidence which implicates the McCanns in a spectacular cover up.

There is one final point made in the video. For some reason that I find unfathomable Gordon Brown is accused of interfering at the highest level to draw a closure to this case. Why would he do this for an unknown doctor from deepest Leicestershire? I have to draw the conclusion that something stinks and when the public begins to view this video then serious questions need to be asked not least of the PM.

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