Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Political Class

The Political Class are in panic! By The Political Class I mean the MPs aligned to the Westminster Three, the NoLab party, the Tories and the LibDems. They have presided over a corrupt and disreputable system which has apparently allowed MPs to frankly steal from the public purse. There appears to be strong cases for certain cabinet ministers and shadow ministers to be arrested. If we did not have such a corrupt judiciary and police force then they almost certainly would be arrested.

This of course also applies to the European Union which has not passed an audit for 14 years. No reputable auditor would touch this unauthorised political union which takes £40 million pounds a day from the British public! Can you believe that?

The Political Class constantly reinforces the message that Europe is good, that we would be damned if we pulled out and of course we, the electorate, do not have the democratic right to vote on the issue. Gordon Brown the 'son of the manse' the man who arrived unelected to the position of PM and who has proven himself such an utter disaster supports the EU. Well of course he does because it supports the Political Class.

David Cameron the leader of the Tories, also supports the £40 million pounds a day EU because he is also from the Political Class. If you doubt his credentials then watch very carefully the Tory claim that they will give us a referendum on the EU. The LibDems under Nick Clegg also support the Political Class and therefore they are 100% behind the EU and the Political Class.

We have to rid ourselves of this snouts in the trough Political Class and how should we do this? We vote BNP! They have consistently and constantly exposed the sheananigins of NoLab and the postal vote. They consistently oppose the scandal of the immigrant vote and the march of the Muslim. They are therefore slagged off by the main stream media who of course are part of the Political Class.

The BNP are the only group of citizens who stand between the working class and the political class. The only reason that they are dubbed racist, venal and fascist is that they threaten the Political Class. In fact they are very brave, honest and organised people who are trying to save our way of life. If you don't believe me look at the expenses of the Political Class!

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