Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Paying Back?

I personally don't go along with the 'pay back' method of retribution. This is not about wealthy people paying back once they have been caught cheating the public. This is about integrity. If a criminal gets caught stealing then the courts don't accept that he/she will 'return the telly'. No he/she must accept that he/she was caught and he/she must then be punished.

It is far too late for people like Margaret Moran and Hazel Blears to panic and throw cheques at the Treasury. Sorry ladies by even offering to do so precludes acceptance of guilt. You are admitting guilt and unfortunately that means a criminal offence. The deed has been done and you must face the consequence.

Everyone knows that all the positions of authority which should administer justice have been usurped by NoLab sleaze. It is quite extraordinary that the judicial bodies who normally regulate the moral compass in this country are all now in the hands of NoLab politicians/sycophants. There is no independent arbiter to drag us out of this mess.

Nothing happens to the Political Class when they are caught out. The reason being that they look after their own. They will, like Hazel Blears, try and con the public by offering up a cheque to cover up her cheating. Sorry too late luv! People cannot in retrospect pay for their misdemeanours.

The public all know, and they tell us that later this week that real horrors will emerge that these politicians have cheated the public purse. They have done it knowingly. There is no excuse and they must answer for their conduct. I keep saying, no more apologies, I am sick of apologies, apologies cover up corruption, this time we need action. We must be strong and insistent. We need MPs in court. The Green Book is quite explicit about the conditions that MPs can claim expenses. It has been ignored and therefore some MPs have acted against the rules.

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