Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Stories are beginning to emerge which concern the battle for the anti-establishment protest votes which could be the major issue in the June European elections. At a time when the credibility of politicians has never been lower there is a report which quotes Nigel Farage the leader of UKIP as being the recipient of over two million pounds in expenses in the four years that he has been in Brussels! That is over and above his salary!

This was revealed by Labour Minister Dennis McShane on The Politics Show today. It is difficult to credit. Now I know that UKIP members have had problems with expenses before but this is utterly incredible. I have blogged previously that Euro MPs are known to have made huge sums in expenses but £2 Million? This totally discredits UKIP because they can no longer claim to being an 'honest' alternative to the sleazy MPs at Westminster.

Meanwhile the 'rotten to the core' BNP are having to field 10000 enquiries a day! This is the same party which can expect to poll only about 5% of the vote on 04 June.
The time for political change in this country has arrived. Those in the Westminster 'bubble' may not realise it but the people on the streets have.

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