Sunday, 31 May 2009

The noise that you heard at around 0940 am...

The noise that you heard at around 0940am was ths sound of millions of breakfast tea cups being thrown at a million flat screen televisions all across the country. It coincided with the appearance of Gordon Brown on the Andrew Marr Show yet again.

It was the same old Gordon Brown Show, arrogance, lies, distortions, deception and dishonesty. Andrew Marr allowed himself to be bullied and battered. He failed to pin the PM down on any specific point and made himself look like some kind of fifth former being harangued by the head boy.

Listening to 'Mugabe' you would think that he was the one and only reformer of the system which he personally set up that has almost destroyed the integrity of the country. His manner was patronizing, gross and self serving but then whenever has it been anything else. He is clearly living in his own la-la land. I must go for a lie down!

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